Stand magnifier system varioPLUS magnification 4,0x



• Details relating to magnification / dioptre value / recommended eye-lens distance are stated on all magnifier heads • Bright, even illumination of the reading text provided by enclosed magnifier heads made from a light material • To achieve a uniform reading distance, Eschenbach Optik recommends using the system varioPLUS in combination with a reading stand (Item No. 1605) CUSTOMER BENEFITS + Particularly suitable for reading over long periods of time and for users who cannot hold magnifiers freely (e.g. age-related shaking or Parkinson‘s disease) + Magnifier heads with a diameter greater than 58 mm (15539-, 15549-, 15599-) are fitted with a retractable red reading line for easier line orientation and increased reading speed + The rectangular magnifier heads (15806-, 15826-) are equipped with a supplementary swivel lens for additional magnification + Choice of 3 different colour temperatures via filters
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Product code: 155494
availability: Inventory
Approximately in stock: 430
Start of the manufacturing: 2012 Leden
Status: Active


Lens size: Ø70mm
Enlargement: 4
Diopter: 16
Lens type: convex
Series: vario digital FHD
Lens material: pxm®