Stand magnifier ESCHENBACH scribolux magnification 2,8x



• Push-button switch for easy on/off operation • Automatic light-off function after 30 minutes to avoid unnecessary power consumption • High level of image brightness and large visual field • Distance lens – supporting surface: 7,5 cm (apex of lens) • In the case of all aspheric magnifiers and reading magnifiers from Eschenbach Optik the focusing distance (aE: distance from the eye to the virtual image) is precisely 400 mm. The image can therefore be seen clearly with readers which have an addition of +2,5 dpt • Supplied with microfibre pouch to protect the lens. The pouch can also be used for cleaning the lens CUSTOMER BENEFITS + Plenty of space for writing under the lens as the lens is positioned at a spacious distance from the supporting surface and the magnifier base has an open design + Easy to move across the reading material + With comfortable tilted lens + Bright, even and glare-free illumination + Leaves both hands free for carrying out tasks under the scratch-resistant lens without shadowing
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Start of the manufacturing: 2012 Leden
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Lens size: 100x75mm
Enlargement: 2
Diopter: 7
Lens type: convex
Series: visolux digital
Lens material: pxm®