Stand magnifier ESCHENBACH makrolux magnification 1:3,6



• Push-button switch for easy on/off operation • Automatic light-off function after 30 minutes to avoid unnecessary power consumption • Includes bright LED light • Object and image position virtually on the same level CUSTOMER BENEFITS + Tremble-free, bright image + Comfortable, tilted view allows relaxed reading position Item Nos. 143611 and 143621 enable to read full newspaper columns + With excellent LED illumination right up to the edges of the magnifier
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Product code: 143621
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Start of the manufacturing: 2012 Leden
Status: Active


Lens size: 90x63x90mm
Enlargement: 3
Lens type: Plankonvexní
Lighting: SMD-LEDs
Solder: Baterie
Battery type: 3xAA
Catalog page: 28
Series: makrolux