Prismatic glasses BINO comfort magnification 1,50x / 6,0 dpt



Magnification: 1.50x Diopter: 6.0 Working distance: 165 mm • Binocular readers with a higher addition and prismatic convergence support • Eschenbach Optik prismatic bino is available in five different strengths with convergence-supporting prisms corresponding to the respective strength • Not only achieves outstanding results but also looks good – stylish design means high level of acceptability • The spring-hinged frame has adjustable temples, soft pads and easily adjustable pad arms • Supplied in a robust hard shell case Note: The distance values should lie within a range of ± 1 dpt (sphere, cylinder). (In the case of greater variances in distance values, we recommend that the prismatic half-eye glasses are individually fitted using the system INDIVIDUAL). CUSTOMER BENEFITS + Relaxed binocular vision with high magnification
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Product code: 168016
availability: Inventory
Approximately in stock: 167
Start of the manufacturing: 2012 Leden
Status: Active


Enlargement: 1
Diopter: 6
Working distance: 165
Catalog page: 47
Series: prismatic BINO comfort
Lens material: cr-39


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