mobilux® DIGITAL Touch HD



• Display: non-reflective 4,3“ LCD • Intuitive operation via touchscreen • HD camera for maximum definition and optimum contrast • Generous depth of focus for variable viewing distances • Screen-reading function via computer monitor • Stable support surfaces for different uses: - placed on the reading material for tremble-free image when reading lengthier texts - hand-held for orientation on the reading material and for headings - can be tilted for comfortable viewing angle • 4 to 15 x magnification (hand-held at a distance of 5 cm approx. 1.9 to 4.5 x) • 5 viewing modes: true colour, contrast-enhanced, black/white, white/black, black/yellow and yellow/black • Line orientation (reading line) for improved continuity of reading • LCD brightness can be dimmed in the case of a high level of glare sensitivity • Image capture function for storing images on preinstalled SD card • The possibility of transferring images onto the computer via USB • The distance can be increased and the display range consequently extended, as well as the magnification level reduced, when the supplied stand is used • LED light can be switched off for use on shiny surfaces • Automatic shut-off if the device has not been used for approx. 3 minutes to ensure low power consumption • Weight: 230 g • Rechargeable battery running time: 2.5 to 3 hours, charging time approx. 2 hours • Lithium ion rechargeable battery • Mains voltage requirement for battery charger: 110 V to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz • Supplied with adapter for EU, GB, US, AUS • Supplied with stand, protective hard foam case, lanyard and cleaning cloth CUSTOMER BENEFITS + 2 in 1: handy reading device for when you‘re on the move plus simple screen-reading device for use at home + Relaxed reading due to non-reflective, high contrast display + Easy orientation and reading as the HD camera is positioned centrally under the display + Simple, intuitive operation via touchscreen with clearly recognisable symbols + You can write under the reading device when it is in the tilted position
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