Magnifier with lighting ESCHENBACH mobilux® LED magnification 4x



• Apheric lens • Batteries are easy to change as the battery cover is easy to open and contact springs clearly indicate the battery position • Improved comfort due to eyelet for lanyard • The most suitable colour temperature and light intensity can be selected by attaching one of the three filters supplied • The LED light does not require changing The LED light used by Eschenbach Optik has a service life of approx. 50,000 hours • The battery life is up to 10 x longer in comparison to a conventional light • Bright, even illumination provided by SMD LED and collimation optics • Defined focusing distance: in the case of all aspheric magnifiers and reading magnifiers from Eschenbach Optik the focusing distance (aE: distance from the eye to the virtual image) is precisely 400 mm. The image can therefore be seen clearly with readers which have an addition of +2.5 dpt Accessories: • Holder mobase Order Nos. 1511001, 15110012, 15110013, 15110014 • Lanyard Order No. 15981 CUSTOMER BENEFITS + Suitable for reading small print, e.g. in a telephone directory or on price tags + Simple to use – large, easy to operate light switch and eyelet for lanyard + Choice of 3 different lights colours via filters + The batteries are easy to change + A step-up converter controls the voltage for constant bright illumination over the whole lifetime of the battery + Incl. protective case for lens
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Start of the manufacturing: 2012 Leden
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Lens size: 75x50mmm
Enlargement: 4
Diopter: 16
Lens type: Aspheric
Lens surfrace: CERA-TEC®
Lighting: SMD-LEDs
Solder: Baterie
Battery type: 2xAA
Catalog page: 39
Series: wellnessPROTECT
Lens material: pxm®


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