Hyperokular system The UniVision® lens 6,00 dpt



• Easy application – the adhesive tape ring enables easy correction of the lens position before the lens is attached permanently to the spectacle lens • Cost-efficient – more favourably priced than other hyperocular systems offering comparable magnification • Easy to change – if there is a change in the refraction or addition requirements, the lens can be quickly and easily attached to a new lens or replaced by a stronger lens • Anti-scratch coating – the front of the lens has antiscratch coating for protection during everyday use CUSTOMER BENEFITS + Discreet appearance – with a diameter of only 22 mm and the transparent tape ring, the UniVision® lens is barely noticeable + Ultra-light – the lens weighs only 1 gram + Can be used immediately – the lens is fitted onto the spectacle lens on-site, the customer therefore does not need to wait for the delivery of special lenses
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Product code: 164316
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Start of the manufacturing: 2018 Leden
End of production: 2020 Prosinec
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