High magnifying monoculars noves MONO magnification 4x



• High-magnification monocular spectacle magnifiers for magnification requirements from 3x to 6x • Extremely thin lenses due to diffractive magnification structures located and protected on the inside of the lenses • Lens thickness: only 4.5 mm • Weight: only 20 g • Opposite lens is frosted • The spring-hinged frame has adjustable temples, soft pads and easily adjustable pad arms • Included in delivery: matt lens, magnifying lens, frame, case Note: The lenses are not fitted in the frame when delivered. The custom-made lenses are inserted into the frame by the dispenser on-site according to customer requirements. CUSTOMER BENEFITS + Monocular reading glasses with magnifying lenses and visually appealing, discreet design. The thickness of the lens is only 4.5 mm and this means that the lens strength is inconspicuous + This ensures a high level of acceptability when wearing in public e.g. for reading the menu in a restaurant + The half-eye design facilitates orientation above the eyewear
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Start of the manufacturing: 2012 Leden
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Series: noves MONO